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Modular Signages

Modular Signages which are casted using moulds of desired shapes. They come in various sizes and are used for displaying names, directions etc. They are made of finest quality aluminium to give rich finish. And vinyl printing is done on it for customization for the name or logo of the company. Modular signage is the latest in the series of signage and helps you in clearly indicating different places from one point. It is mostly used for marking different sections in schools, hospitals, malls and other commercial spaces. Very fine quality aluminium sheets are used to make the aluminium signage. Their main characteristic is that they are light weight, unbreakable, durable and highly customizable. They are weather resistant and can be used outdoors without getting corroded. Also they can be made in any colour, giving it an added advantage to use this signage for different purposes. We prepare these signs in all the sizes, shapes and colours as required by our customers.